Do you believe me?

I had started social media accounts for the business about a month ago… and had posted a few pics off and on, but not much yet.

I actually hadn’t even liked the page myself yet.

But today, April Fools Day, the idea came to mind this morning…. to post the announcement publicly that I’ve named the business.

Because, as I said, it’s a name that is intentionally whimsical and silly… meant to be easily remembered above all else, and to be playful.

And so… it’s been sort of hysterical today…. to find out how many people actually believe me that A: I’ve started a business and B: that I’ve named it a name that involved the word "swirlies"

Wasn’t quite ready yet for traffic on the page, only have pics and videos of like 3 items…

But the amusement of watching people think they are better than falling for believing the joke, while completely not realizing that the joke is just that I announced it today and not that it’s a joke name… is really making me smile today.

I’m easily amused… but I guess not too easily believed. 🙂

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