So… tomorrow is the big day.

It’s our first day having a booth as a crafter at the farm/art market.. on their opening day of the year.

We’re starting off with just once a month right now, but I have dates marked to set up for an additional round each month if things go smoothly and we can keep both business and inventory high enough to pull it off.

So I signed up for the first weekend for this month, because it made sense to be there on the day most likely to have the largest attendance. Obvious choice.

I completely did not realize at the time that I was signing up for the day before mother’s day.

Which, actually ought to help sales… maybe sell some items as gifts.

But… it’s also exactly 2 years now since the K breakup.. on the day before mother’s day.

For the record, it seems like an eternity ago.

Had I realized it, I don’t know if I would have scheduled it that way for fear of it being a day where there might be a resurgence of emotions a bit… not so much over him as much as over the dreams of what I’d hoped life would be by now that don’t seem any closer to likelihood now than they did when things ended.

But, it’s probably a good thing.

It will keep me busy (seriously busy), but, it also makes for nice symbolism to have a big start of something new on an anniversary of the traumatic end of something old.

And, well, that sort of thing like the symbolism happening by seeming accident has been well represented through this process…. so, I don’t have any doubts of it being by chance.

Sometimes it’s the little things like that, that help with confidence when I’m feeling a bit shaky on the whole idea.

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