Whimsicality and fear

In the nervousness and feeling unprepared for tomorrow… there’s a lot of me that sort of wants to bail. To just back out, and call it a silly goal.

Let’s face it… it is a silly goal on a silly idea…

But silly does not always equal bad.

I’m preferring to go with the term "whimsical" right now.

A silly intentionally designed to be playful.

My self-designed logo, for example.

Whether that decision is from just my own quirkiness, or from a fear of rejection being greater if I tried to be taken seriously and been laughed at as silly is a question that I can’t really answer just yet.

Are these going to be taken legitimately as neat rotating diamonds? Or just cheap kid’s art projects?


I know that my kiddo is feeling the pressure of this as well.

She’s been involved a lot with the painting, and will be involved with the actual booth operations… so she does have connection riding on this as well.

Right now, my biggest wonder is if things are really good enough to sell… not just to someone who is a friend of a family member… but to the general public.

Neat and brightly colorful spinners that rotate between stars, diamonds, and boxes (this is one of few shots in which I’ve managed to catch all three perspectives of them at once, even if the orange box isn’t quite aligned yet) … or just dorky PVC pipe and spray paint?

I can’t tell if the concern is a legitimate worry, or just a spell of perfectionism trying to back me out of trying.

The wood spirals in particular are getting to me… because they are a complete bear to paint without anything dripping and edges getting onto the edge of other colors.

And some of them, black especially or anything involving white, are really hard to fix any mistakes without just completely sanding the area and repainting… because even several coats doesn’t cover over the flaw well.

For example:

Crisp lines, also kind of rough when it’s a surface that’s both curved and in steps…

It looks good from across the yard… which is how these will likely be seen in someone’s yard.

But… will the flaws being so much more obvious up close prevent them from purchasing to get it there? Will they think that it just looks like it was painted by a kid, even if I was the one who did that one?

I’m hoping maybe they might buy out of pity anyway… in support of the token kid involved. Sort of the lemonade stand theory.

It’s a weird mix of knowing how much work went into some of this stuff… being proud of the outcome… and yet still being terrified that it sucks to everyone else.

Kiddo asked me the other night as we stood on the porch "Are we going to try and touch some of these ones up and sell them this round? No… probably not…"

On the same group of items that she’d loved how they looked the day before, and that we’d had a neighbor ask about buying one when we’d hung them out to dry.

And I knew the exact feeling.

This group, actually.

(See the drip on the yellow under the third black stripe?)

And will the PVC versions that spin slower even be taken seriously as anything but a cheater version of the wood ones?

Right now… my confidence is a bit shaken.

But, well…. I guess that it is what it is.

We’re going with it anyway, and hoping for the best.

But, I’m seriously nervous about this.

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