The stool

This…. is the stool of assisted confidence.

It may not look like much…. but there’s a story.

The market runs for 5 hours.

I knew that with my knee, even with my brace on, standing for 5 hours wasn’t going to be likely to go well, if it was possible at all.

But, at the same time, plopping into a lawn chair wasn’t likely to go well for looking like I actually want business, especially with our open booth design.

And, a chair would be low, needing a lot of pressure on the knee with repeatedly getting up and down.

The barstools I looked at were just the opposite… they would require repeatedly boosting up.

Plus, my fat butt would take a toll of some of the cheaper ones that didn’t look too stable.

So, I was looking online pretty intensively one morning… and getting priced out of reasonable quickly on anything even close to what I needed.

And I was getting worried about it.

Could I even pulls this off if I wanted to?

And then, that very afternoon, there it was.

In the grocery store, of all places!

Just randomly added to the outdoor BBQ stuff like coolers and picnic items… not even put away on a shelf but just sitting in a stack in the middle of the aisle beside the shelf… was a small pile of these stools.

Never seen any other stools of any sort here… or even lawnchairs in this area… but here they were now, just a sort of a completely random addition to the store’s summer items.

Perfect butt height to be able to slide on and off with no knee stress.

Solid, durable metal.. no breaking worries.

Even has a build in handle for making it easy to transport back and forth to the booth.

And pretty, to boot!

I picked it up before I even knew the price… because there wasn’t actually even a sign around for them…. but it was exactly what I needed so much that at the moment, it didn’t even matter.

25 bucks.

Less than just about everything I’d been looking at… most of them by far… and pretty much perfectly in what I could reasonably afford.

A few days later, Boo claimed a matching one in light blue.

A random need makes me worry on it being a threat to the whole thing…. and then, suddenly and randomly, is perfectly resolved.

The stool is far from the only example… but its one of the cleanest…

And so, I’m trying to keep reminding myself to focus on this…

As I’m freaking out a bit.. and trying to take deep breathes…

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