The fall

Friday night was going rough.

The booth setup was coming apart as I was trying to get it loaded… I wasn’t getting much help from kiddo… and stupid distractions kept taking up time and making things later and later.

I’d planned to be in bed by about 9, to be up by 4, to be there by 530.

About 10:30, I had just gotten out of the shower, and went across the living room in a towel to close the curtains that had been left open.

And on the way across the room, I fell.


Damp feet on hardwood floor, again.

My knee went weird directions… but didn’t go out of place… but, although there was no sharp pain, it was very sore, had three small areas of bruising, and a ring of swelling below it.

But I could hobble to my bed.. so I wasn’t too worried…

Until about 5 minutes later, when I realized I had stabbing pain whenever I twisted my back or tried to sit up.

And it just got worse as a few more minutes passed.

So, I ended up spending from 11:30 until 5 am in the emergency room.

Nothing broken… so they think that the back is just a pulled muscle.

Pain killers and muscle relaxers… it’s still sore today (Wednesday), but nothing too extreme.

Knee also sore still, but I don’t think anything serious is messed up.

But, needless to say, leaving the ER barely hobbling at 5am, I didn’t make it to the farmer’s market by 530 this week either.

So, I’m feeling seriously discouraged right now.

I enjoy making the items… I know that there’s been interest in purchasing them…

But the whole sales process is really being an uphill battle, before things even get to involving any customers.

I have about 3 weeks until the next round, which should be giving me lots of time to be getting things fixed with the booth setup, get things tweaked, and get more inventory ready…

But I just haven’t even felt like looking at it this week.

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