Double invited leaders?

So, when last we left the blog.. lol

As I’d mention last spring, we changed churches.

It’s a change that has remained, even as the church has exploded in size. It now runs more than double what it was when last mentioned, now running 4 services each Sunday, with kiddo serving in the kids area for three of them and for one of the parenting themed small groups during the week.

I’m not sure I’d say that I’ve bonded there exactly, but I’m comfortable there anyway. We’ve sort of gotten grafted into the family of one of Boo’s friend/maybe more… Who is one of the groups that takes over three rows and Mama in charge has everyone in a place and so I’ve sort of decided it’s best to just go with it. Lol

Most of the staff know me, but if asked who I am, probably every last one would answer "Boo’s mom" and have to take a minute to remember my first name 🙂

Anyway, there’s a story here.

So, the church does this big thing in summer where they decorate the lobby of each campus into a different movie scene for a series that’s based on current movies. It’s a really big deal, and they all really go all out on it at all of the locations.

At ours, each staff member has a project area they are in charge of, them have their main team, then there are a lot of folks who will kind of float wherever something needs done to help with things like painting, cutting, glueing, etc. So we have always gone to this category, working with whoever needs us. We also kind of help out on other random things that come up, like filling color powder cups for the youth group color wars.

So, a couple of weeks ago, my daughter tells me that instead of just the week of building, that there is another night the week before that we need to go to.

That wasn’t what all the info was saying.

So she tells me that she was talking with the youth pastor, trying to get him to give her the theme, and he told her they were doing a night that wasn’t announced, but that he needed a lot of help on painting.

Given my daughter tends to be a bit of a wound up extrovert, I tried to determine if she had basically invited herself. From her version of things, it didn’t sound like it. So I figured that the early night was probably just to keep the chaos down, and that maybe the youth pastor was just doing his team of teens.

Because we aren’t exactly the people I would think you would pick for your team for this kind of thing.

Later, I’m with her while she is asking about staff member about a question she’d sent them on Facebook.. and they ask her about the build. She mentions we’d been invited by the youth pastor, and he tells us he could use us on his team too if we find ourselves not busy.

Ok, now this one, I couldn’t deny. She did not in any way open into it, but it was pretty clearly an invite.

So, I’m expecting to come in to a night with all except the floaters going strong.

I’m not expecting to walk in and find that there’s really only about 30 people.

Out of the church of like 3,000 or so.

There are no other teens on his team, as he introduced us to the other members, and tells them we will be doing painting. Ok, that’s what kiddo had said… Good so far.

So we work with two of the other team members for the night on getting the best strategies and tactics and plans going, as this area had literally 4,000 feet of meter wide paper needing covered in two layers.

No big deal.

And then the first night of build week starts. The workers are all there. And suddenly this went from "painting" to "leading, instructing, and organizing the painting".

Somehow I hadn’t really caught that part of it until about the time we were introduced to the group working in our section as being the ones leading the area.

The next night, the other team member wasn’t even able to be there.

Let’s just say this was an interesting week. A leader is about the last thing I’d volunteer for.. and while my daughter has much more of the personality for it, are sometimes lacks the focus.

It was both filled with moments where it was really cool to see my kiddo step up even while leading a group of adults on a task, and frustrating at others when things didn’t go quite a well. And my thoughts are about the same on how I did, moments I would like to hit myself for and completely erase, and moments I pulled it off even while feeling like a completely awkward duck.

I was very glad for the time the other team person was there too! Lol

But the entire thing still sort of baffles me. Kiddo is kind of used to having her pick of friends, and being the one invited to multiple things at once, of always having something going on with someone.

I’m very much not, and never have been. And fully realize that even in this case I was pretty much a hanger-on addition on kiddos coattails.

But still just so very weird to me.

But I did notice through the week how different things are from a year ago. We are known.

Even when kiddo wasn’t with me, staff are comfortable joking around, teasing, being playful. Sneaking up behind me quietly while I was trying to put my hair in a bun. Just relaxed stuff that wasn’t there nearly as much a year ago, towards us anyway.

The funniest one to me was one night after we left, and my daughter had left her skateboard at the building. She was thinking that she might have, and then I watched a new Facebook video about the build that the campus pastor had posted… In which at the end, one of the worship team skates behind the pastor on a skateboard. Yup, board had been found! (and I didn’t get the full details, but apparently some of them were teasing her riding around the building after she messaged them on Facebook about the board.. and have now decided that they want one.)

That the staff are comfortable enough knowing that we would completely just laugh about it and find it hysterical rather than getting upset… Is a whole lot more than we ever connected to the leaders at a church that at it’s most had maybe 1/10th of the members, and attended for the better part of a decade.

I’m thinking the move was well made.

Just don’t ask me when I’m on the spot trying to teach and assign things to 6 new people I’ve never met before, right as my kiddo has now decided that she’s hot and is going outside for a bit.

I’m glad the week is over. Lol

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