Church of the pirates

So, after the story a few posts ago about all the work for the church decoration, I figured it would be nice to have pics on the same place, and to show you the scale of what I was talking about.

So, as you first approach the building, there the huge parking lot. In this lot, every single light post now has a pirate flag waving in the breeze.
This honestly makes me laugh every single time I’ve pulled up to the building since they put them up, as the church is right across the highway from the entrance to two different major highways.. and I can only imagine how many countless number of drivers are seriously wonder what the deal is with the church with pirate flags.

Which of course is probably really the point of the flags, hoping they will investigate and find out that there’s a month of movie based services going on and decide to see what’s up. But I’m sure a lot will just remain a bit confused and never check into it. Lol

Then, there is the mast in the main entryway.
Yes, that is a telephone pole lashed to the roof.

Golf cart in front is one of two that shuttles the parking lot to drive people to the doors and back… And the mast is more than twice as tall as the cart.

Going inside…

The lobby is rather ship-shape.


That would be part of a boat, hand built by volunteers.

It’s big and stable enough for kids to play on it, and whole families to get pics taken on it with some of the folks dressed as pirates.

Not the project we worked on, but seriously impressive.

To the right of the ship is the hospitality area… Aka tavern.
Most of these pics were taken while I was waiting for kiddo after the 4th service, so things are mostly picked up.

But this area usually has lots of things of coffee, teas, and water, and snacks, which right now included bags of popcorn and a candy area like for ice cream places to put various candy into little paper cups.


Table area usually has a lot more tables than under tavern management… Lol

On the other side of the random boat in the room, they really went to town…

And across from the town, was the pond, complete with live plants and living goldfish in the water
It looks kind of small in this pic, but that bridge is big enough there are pics of about ten grown adults standing on it for pics.

The kids area was kept less scary, with a Jake and the Neverland pirates theme… Which is apparently a loosely Peter pan based cartoon aimed at young kids.

Giant map hung on the wall

You can see the dotted map lines that went all over the building in the floors in some of the other pics.

Also a dock area instead the kids area doors, where they could take a pic with an actual Jake!
Which happens to have Boo inside the big cartoon head. Lol
(Borrowed pic, she wouldn’t cooperate with mine…)

Between the two areas, in the area where the main bathrooms are, was the project where we were helping most of the time…
The cave!


Complete with pirate treasure!

My favorite parts are the humor though…
And, I did mention this is the bathroom area, right?

You see all that rock? Covering all 4 walls plus both sides of the entrances going all three directions… On the whole section of the lobby, in strips 40 foot tall?
Textured painting in two different shades of grey to get the look. 3 entire 1,000 foot rolls of yard-wide paper…
Let’s just say I’m sick of rock painting… And think we needed a sick figure chasing a buffalo somewhere. Lol

So… In case you might have thought decorating a lobby wouldn’t be much work spread over a week… But it’s all volunteers coming in, bringing their tools and skills and ideas and whatever else they’ve got.

It’s a bit extreme… But it’s awesome, and fun, it gets people involved and meeting others that they otherwise might never talk to, and the whole series brings in a ton of people who usually wouldn’t go to a church thinking it’s boring or whatever. sets attendance records in July​for this series each year, when it’s generally one of the slowest church attendance times of the year most places.

But not without a whole heap of a lot of criticism!

This link goes to one of the other campus locations  showing a video walkthrough of their full wizard of Oz themed setup, which is awesome!

But man, the comments by some of the critics…

Ah well. I’m sure my grandmother would have been appalled too, but then, jeans in a church would have been a scandal in her world.

But there’s plenty of churches around for the little old ladies to feel comfortable in.
Churches reaching teens, and the ones chased off by legalisms and cruelty under the name of religion, and writing the whole God thing of because the little old lady church is boring and had no appeal to them?

Not nearly as many of those types of churches.
And if pirates, candy, and popsicles gets them to give it a chance, I’m ok with a place that scares off the ones who are perfectly happy and getting their needs met with the more traditional vibe.

That and I’m getting really spoiled to a 1pm service time. Granted, still have to drop kiddo of for the 830 since she works the kids area, but still… Lol

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