I’ve never liked “about me” pages.


I sort of tend to think that if it’s important enough to be relevant, you’ll generally pick it up along the way.


But I suppose if I must, here’s the cheatsheet.




I’m a single female Gen-Y’er, raising a preteen girl, on my own since before she was born. Not the most ideal, but an improvement over the abuse and issues of dealing with a drug addict, and not a situation that’s likely to change, so we make the best of it.


Due to issues related to that, I choose to try and keep things rather non-specific here, and ask that you do the same with any details that you know of my offline life. I realize that there are several ways to get to this blog from outside information, and many reading here by my invitation do have real life connections, so I’m fine with you being here… I just prefer to keep as little connecting the two as possible. So please do not use names, etc, or make posts in any places connected to my name that reference the things here.




At times I’m a college student in a medical field related major. Due to circumstances, at other times I’ve worked at a variety of not very connected other jobs that have come my way when I needed them.


I live in a large metro area in the midwest, having returned to near where I was raised for family connection when my daughter was born… though I don’t particularly feel like this is my home.





One of the biggest things that you should know content wise is that I’m a Christian. This definitely shapes a lot of my thinking here.


I identify with a smallish charismatic denomination… which I usually prefer not to mention, as doing so pretty much labels exactly which church in this area I attend. Over the years I’ve also


Coming from a non-religious family, you aren’t likely to offend me if you aren’t, and you are welcome here.. and are free to ask about anything that doesn’t make sense.


But realize that I’m not the sort of person who really enjoys debates and fights of intellect… so if you come looking for a good battle, realize you are probably going to be pointed to better places for that.





The other big thing you should probably realize as far as content is that I consider this more of a running open journal than a blog… mostly as a result of the format of the site where it was originally located.


Sometimes the posts have some depth and thought…. and sometimes they are just random ventings about what is going on with my life, and as such tend more towards the grumpy side than the cheerful. I do also post book reviews here from time to time as well, depending on a couple of different factors.





And honestly, well, if you are going to be reading around here a bit, you’ll probably realize quickly that I’m a bit of a mess in some ways. It’s always a work in progress… but sometimes the lack of progress shows through a lot more glaringly in writing. If you want labels, avoidant personality disorder and ACOA cover most of what you’ll see pop up at times.


But, this isn’t really a blog about living functionally with issues…. or even recovering from issues… or doing the best you can with what you’ve got to work with.


It’s just about my journey.


Some of the bumps and twists have nice official names, and some of them don’t.


It doesn’t particularly matter when dealing with them, having a name doesn’t create an excuse to ignore them, and most of the time knowing the “why” isn’t particularly all that helpful on figuring out the “how to get around”.


They get treated pretty much the same, and so it’s probably not anything that you’ll find me mention but once in a couple of years…. but it’s probably something that you’ll see in glimpses here and there… just enough to wonder where in the world that response came from when it doesn’t seem particularly normal.


It is what it is… and if you’re looking for a nice, normal, sane, has it all together and knows all he answers person…. you are seriously on the wrong blog.




To the rest of you, welcome!


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