The shifting begins.

So it’s been about 2 weeks since things got really interesting for the finances for next school year.

And today, while I was on the city website to pay my water bill, I found a job opening.

Full time, third shift. Not very school friendly.

But it’s doing a job that I have done previously for two years in a different town. And.. where I’m currently a city employee currently, that gives me a boost… which along with the previous experience makes at least getting into the interview a pretty safe bet.

$6 an hour more than I make now.. $4 an hour more than I made doing that job previously.

I looked at the page… and just left it there at first.

Then today at work… I got my check from yesterday, and along with it was a couple of extra pieces of paper. One of which explained that there’s going to be a change in scheduling procedure starting June 1.

Basically, the day is now divided into two parts… roughly before lunch and after lunch. You’ll have to work the entire part, and you have to always be available for that part on that day of the week to sign up for it.

For as long as I’m in school, this will effectively block any ability for me to get hours during the weekdays with the exception of one afternoon a week for 4 hours… which would still be competing against anyone else who had that time available.

And so… with a good sized sigh… I applied for the new job.

It’s looking like it might be that time again, as much as I keep praying otherwise.

Sweet snowbreak

We have snow.

Not only do we have snow, we have lots of snow! As in officially 14.2 inches for this area.

And so we have had snow days for the past two days.

I so needed a few days for snow days…. nice days with no classes, nowhere to be, and no notice so that work couldn’t fill in my schedule for me.

Just a wonderful unexpected rest, and a chance to catch up both on schoolwork and on several books I’m supposed to be reading for reviews right now.

Well, and a lot of sledding. lol

Boo got a sled for Christmas… not this year, but the year before that. Seemed like a pretty safe gift at the time.

Since then, we’ve gotten a total of 1/2 an inch once… and even then, it was too cold to be out to even try to make it work.

Everything since then has been less than that, and mostly stuff that melted within a couple hours of the time it fell.

This is definitely not the case this time!

Snow is kind of nice when you have nowhere to go… but even nicer when its the reason you suddenly have nowhere to go. 🙂

Feeling worse

It’s sort of an interesting thing when a sermon series leaves you feeling worse.

I haven’t actually figured out yet whether that’s a positive thing from being a sign of things being worked on, or a negative thing from sore spots being poked at (or, well, stomped on).

I don’t think that it’s just from the topic being handled rough… even with it being taught by a mix of the leaders, none of them have really been harsh or anything. They’ve really seemed to be trying to break it down to a practical level.

Even so… I’m kind of feeling like a lost mess out in left field.

Yeah, the concepts all sound nice… but they sound about as far off as a fairy tale. Something that fits well in the realm of happily ever after… but just sort of makes me feel crummy about how far away that is from anywhere my reality could ever hope to be.

I’m finding myself about half tempted to run off to some other church… but about 3/4 tempted to run off back towards the dead end of crummy relationships… which is something that hasn’t even been a thought on the radar in a long time.

Which I know is probably actually a good thing… that stagnant junk is being pulled up.

But it just doesn’t feel like it’s going anywhere towards the mess being resolved right now.

It just feels crummy.

(And I just looked back and realized how many times i’ve used the word crummy in this without realizing I was repeating it. Crummy just might be the word of the day.)

Sleepless semester

I think that my biggest lesson for this semester so far has been
not to underestimate the impact of reduced sleep.

I have no problem with late nights. Early mornings are not my friend.

But when I have 2 days of the week when I have to be up and at the
hospital at 7am, and two days of the week when I have to be up and in
class across town at 8am and 9am… suddenly the night class I have is
really starting to get to me.

Math wasn’t too awful with only one day a week. Chemistry is 3 days a
week of not getting home until 9:30 at night, after having been busy
since that early in the morning.

Im actually starting to wish bedtime was at 8pm. lol

Drowning again

Every time I start thinking that things are stabilizing and starting to look survivable, suddenly things take a turn for the worse.

A big blow today on any sort of financial stability for next school year. As in a major blow.. making the one I already knew was likely to be a problem look like small fries.

Pretty much a situation that makes a difference of roughly 10k. Far from being something I can just shake off.

And the most annoying thing is that this isn’t from anything at all that I’ve done or failed to do. Just a decision to make changes in eligibility…. made by people who’ve probably never been in a position to even know anyone who’d be eligible either way.

Actually, with the way my college track has gone, there probably aren’t actually a whole lot of others in this boat… which makes it even more baffling on why it would even make a difference to make a change to exclude just the handful of people.

And yet, it is made.

There’s a vague chance that someone might be able to override it just for this one last year, but it’s highly unlikely.

And so I’m looking at a good possibility that this may be the end of the college road again, in spite of my best efforts.

Not happy… but feeling pretty helpless to change it either.

Just another giant wave hitting right when air starts to seem within reach.

Remembering the goal

I’m becoming more and more frustrated with a certain class.

Last semester, one of the professors ended up out due to medical battles. And so a random person familiar with this field was brought in to make it through the end of the class.

But they decided to keep her on for this semester too.

The problem with this is two-fold… one, she very clearly knows her stuff, but she’s not very good at translating that down to our completely unfamiliar level to help us understand it.

But the bigger issue currently is that she seems to be more into punishing us for not being prepared to take boards right now than she is into preparing us to take them a year and a half from now.

Complaints about the difficulty of tests got told that those tests will be hard too.

Yes, we know that… but that’s not helping us learn what we need to be ready for them by just failing us all now.

Well, not all but most. Literally, only 6 students even passed the latest test.

When only 6 students pass…. in a program that required a high gpa to get in…. that isn’t just students not studying, that’s teachers not teaching.

If she really believes that test was a fair judgement of our knowledge of what we need to know… and really believes that we as a class only understood less than 70% of the material we needed to understand, moving on makes no sense.

And yet, on we go… into an area that has a whole semester class devoted to it later, instead of working on this stuff that we won’t see again.

It’s really not making me very happy with this program right now.

The goal is to survive the program, gaining enough knowledge to successfully pass the boards and become a competent staff member in this profession. That’s what we’re paying big money and devoting a huge amount of time and effort into attaining.

Somehow, I’m just not real convinced that our instructor has the same goal for us.

Survival of the monkeys