The shifting begins.

So it’s been about 2 weeks since things got really interesting for the finances for next school year.

And today, while I was on the city website to pay my water bill, I found a job opening.

Full time, third shift. Not very school friendly.

But it’s doing a job that I have done previously for two years in a different town. And.. where I’m currently a city employee currently, that gives me a boost… which along with the previous experience makes at least getting into the interview a pretty safe bet.

$6 an hour more than I make now.. $4 an hour more than I made doing that job previously.

I looked at the page… and just left it there at first.

Then today at work… I got my check from yesterday, and along with it was a couple of extra pieces of paper. One of which explained that there’s going to be a change in scheduling procedure starting June 1.

Basically, the day is now divided into two parts… roughly before lunch and after lunch. You’ll have to work the entire part, and you have to always be available for that part on that day of the week to sign up for it.

For as long as I’m in school, this will effectively block any ability for me to get hours during the weekdays with the exception of one afternoon a week for 4 hours… which would still be competing against anyone else who had that time available.

And so… with a good sized sigh… I applied for the new job.

It’s looking like it might be that time again, as much as I keep praying otherwise.

Things change… the “why”

Ok, so things didn’t get finished with the changes on time… family issues came up (but that’s another post.. lol)

So they may continue for a couple more days.

But it’s been kind of interesting going back through old things.

Originally this blog was my attempt to combine the several blogs I had running at that time into one, more reflective of my life in general, plus it kept things updated more.

So the categories had originally been set up to match each of the previous blogs, to be able to sort them out easier for the readers only interested in one particular area.

But of course things changed as things went on into more topical categories, and it never quite got matched together well.

But the more I’ve gone through old stuff, the more I’ve realized how drastically this blog has moved from where I’d originally aimed with it. Somehow, all of the other areas that I’d intended to merge together one by one just sort of stopped getting posted much.

The last time I posted anything creatively written? 2008. Anything of art or craft? 2009. Anything of memories of the past, or processing of things I’m wrestling with? Honestly, fairly recently, but the vast majority of those have been kept as private with a handful of exceptions a good while back. The reflection on verses sort of comes and goes, as does the life analogies section. Some of the other categories I actually deleted, as there was next to nothing from the topics of that old blog that ever got picked back up again here.

But lately, even the ongoing life commentary and daily living stuff has gotten condensed into short periodic updates rather than the original processing as it happens sort of thing that I’d originally worked with as my first blog.

And I think part of that is a reader change, though that may be sort of chicken and egg as to which causes which. Where I previously had mostly other bloggers reading, a good number of which I only knew from their blogs, it’s dramatically switched to lurking people I know from other place… most of whom don’t have blogs, and about half of which I only even know that they are still reading here because I’d long ago connected to a different stats program that gives me more detailed information on location, internet provider, browser and computer type. (Bet I probably just freaked out several of them at the realization that I can guess who they are by the same stats visiting repeatedly from the same company internet on a mac from a certain suburb of chicago, and other sets of combinations lol)

I found myself looking at some of the earlier comments, and realizing how much I miss hearing about the lives of some of my friends who don’t blog anymore.

And maybe even more the friends that do, but have now changed their blogs into just being about a very narrow topic such as scrapbooking or couponing or bible lessons and no longer involve their real life except as maybe a brief illustration or occasional pic.

And that’s pretty much exactly what I was trying to avoid doing with the creation of this blog, and attempting to bring the different aspects of my life together as a more reflective whole.

With that in mind, I think that at this point I am going to try to get back to the original purpose of things rather than just continuing on the current path, even when I’m feeling like some of the topic areas are probably not what a lot of readers care much about. And to try to get more into the everyday real life, messy and sometimes raw as it ends up being sometimes.

So for right now, the categories have changed into more broadly grouped areas. If you notice on the menu bar, there are actually some sub-categories underneath some areas that may end up expanding or may not… we’ll see how it goes with those, but they seemed like they still justified a separated category.

And in a less unified move, I’ve eliminated the main page going directly into the most recent posts. There is still an “all posts” feed, which I hope will still be the main direction, however, giving a landing page also makes it easier to sort out which posts are of which topics…. especially when they can vary a lot. If you just want the book reviews, click books and you don’t have to be frustrated trying to find them in the middle of everything else. etc.

The “tags” I’m not too sure about. I know that they do help find things and narrow things down, but I’d removed the list a year or more back, mainly just because I wasn’t using them. Which isn’t because I don’t like them per se, but mostly just a convenience thing…. because the majority of my posts that aren’t book related are written in an offline program on my computer that does both journaling and allowing blog publishing (macjournal if anyone is looking for one), and while it does ask me for category and whether or not I want to allow comments when I hit to upload an entry, it doesn’t ask for tags. It can do them, but it requires finding it in the menu to add them, which I never get around to doing. I always plan to go back in and do them from the wordpress side later, but that doesn’t happen either.

So while I’m tagging some of the newer posts as I’m going along to reclassify them into the different categories as needed, I’m not sure if I’m going to re-add a tag system to find them easier by tags or not.

So.. that’s the logic behind the recent tweaking of things around here. It’s sort of been in the processing for a while, but was waiting until classes were over to tackle messing with it.

Cleaning up

So depending on which feed you are on between the wordpress one or the one imported from the older site, things may have been going bonkers on your feed again today.

I’m doing some cleaning up of the categories and such, which has some of them merging together, and so has involved about 1/2 of the entries changing category, which is enough for one of the feeds to pick it up as a change and send it out again. Why? No idea. The other feed doesn’t.

But, since I suspected it might after my testing things a while back, I’m attempting to get everything changed over today and tomorrow… so that one quick “mark all as read” will take care of clearing things back out of your reader.

Sorry for the annoyance.. but hopefully this will be the only time for quite a while.

For those who actually go to the main blog page rather than subscribe, I’ve made some changes there too. A new landing page that will develop more soon, categories moved to menu items across the top so easier to sort out books and such from the rest… and a few changes in the layout of items in the sidebar. Nothing too earth shattering… but maybe help things be more simple and obvious, and less obnoxious than having to dig if you are looking for something in particular.

Sorry about some of the feeds….

Apparently I accidentally set off a whole bunch of old posts being sent out to one of the two feeds for this site accidentally last night. Sorry about that!

I’m in the process of trying to regroup a bit on design with the categories, and trying to keep the books from overrunning the place… and in my messing with things I combined a few smaller categories together.

Apparently a change in category is enough to trigger attention as a new post for one of the feeds…. which I wasn’t aware would be an issue.

Will have to try to find some sort of way around it better before trying again on messing with trying to sort things more.

New is almost here. Start the “I’m leaving” posts.

It just amuses me how every time they change something here there is a huge pile of posts on how everything is awful now and they are leaving… rather than just getting used to the normally relatively minor changes.

Anyways.. it got me thinking about features that I miss from other sites I’ve used.

What kind of surprised me was that most of the were actually on opendiary… which while the first of the sites, still seems a bit behind on things.

Things I Miss:

  • comments able to be set to private by the person leaving the comment
    this was really nice… want to say something but don’t want it in the general view? check a box and only you and the author of the post can see it. so useful.
  • friends-only entries
    wordpress has the blog surfer list, that you can add people to and read all the new entries from everyone like the friends list does. however, there was also an option to make posts that could only be read by people you had on that list. (you could also mark specific people on your friends list that still could not read them). this was soo much easier than passwords on things that weren’t real private, but were still not good to be in the public view.
  • changing usernames and site urls
    i don’t think the site url was exactly intentional, but rather a function of the changing username. your blog on od has a code… and your default address uses that code. the code never changes, and that address will always point to your blog. for example: but, your username also could be used as the address… to go to the same pagem and you could change your username. so if you used the second link for giving less trusted people, and the code link for the close friends, and drama developed, all it took was changing your username and all the drama was gone while the trusted ones could still get to your page like normal and with no hassle of moving things or starting new blogs. (that’s my old blog in the by the way, lest you think I’m bothering some poor random person for the sake of an example.. lol)
  • interests lists
    somewhat like tags and profile mentions.. but more useful, because you could go to the interest page and find people by interest even if they had never written a word about it. in the mood for someone with a sense of humor, click on the names under hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. in the mood for something more religious, click on the names under spurgeon. looking for someone local? click on the links for your state, and even narrow it down by age groups.
  • random, and controlled random
    the random button was my friend. you click it, and, well, it took you to a random blog that had been updated in the past day or so. but, you could also click into the user circles, and then click random… and then your random would be limited by your user circle you were in. for example, only blogs by people between 20 and 30. not just a flash visit for 5 seconds like it just put you on their page and if you wanted to move on, just click the button again, and if you didn’t, you could hang out and read. many a person i regularly read came via the random button… or found me that way.

i’m sure there are more…. but these are the ones off the top of my head. and, there were many other things that i didn’t like, or i wouldn’t be on this site now. but one cand remember and dream lol

oh wait…. it’s over?

You would think with my previous post about the chaos of this week, and all I had to do… I would have noticed something obvious.

So I had to take wednesday morning off from my old job for kiddo’s doctor appointment to renew all her asthma meds. And I took friday morning off for something else I wanted to do.

Sat is my first full day on the floor in my new job.

But driving to get kiddo this evening it hit me…. i had thursdays off at my old job… which means…

having wed, thurs, and friday off… then new job going full time sat… means…

today was my last day.

yes, my schedule was so jumbled up I failed to even notice this.. lol!

so wow… how odd.

i’m not sure i can describe very well what i’m feeling about it. its a mix of somewhat relieved, somewhat nervous, and i suppose the best word i have for the other element is anticipation. but its not really a fearful sort of feeling… its a bit of a ready or not, here we go.

its not quite the peace i’ve felt about the decision previously… (this plan has been clear since about august with only minor deviations). and its neither the sadness nor the joy that have been associated with other job endings.

so i suppose the best way i can summerize it, is simply returning to the feeling that prompted the whole thing.

“it’s time.”

Meds and jobs updates

I caved…. I went back to the doctor. By random luck, got the same one of the three docs who had prescribed the zithromax that caused all the craziness.

He doesn’t think it was the zithromax though… said he’s never had patients with issues with it… but maybe I’m allergic to the coloring used in the coating.

Regarding the coughing getting worse even when other things got better then worse, he decided that I’m recovering from “sterile bronchitis”… meaning since I’m not coughing anything up, he thinks the bacteria got killed, but I just have to tough it out on it clearing out.

He did give me a prescription for the good cough syrup with codeine in it to mellow things out at night.

Regarding the sinus issues coming back, he gave me a prescription for allegra d. I wasn’t optimistic… I’ve taken the over the counter allegra before with no results.

But this stuff did wonders! Cleared things up well.

But leave it to me to manage to come up with a rare side effect… its completely thrown off my cycles. I’m extremely annoyed… but staying on it until the cough clears up anyway.

But I’m thinking it’s about time for a visit to an allergist. Not so much over whether its the red or what the red is covering… but just in general… to have an exact list to work around, and a better opinion than the general doc on the best method of dealing with it.

As far as jobs… today was the start of transition week… but this week has ended up being completely crazy on scheduling.

The new job is a seasonal job I’ve done before… and don’t like any more than I like my old job. However, I know that in mid to late december they will give me the option to willingly choose unemployment for the next six months… which I hope to use to allow me to have an income enough to job search somewhere else.

It was kind of interesting… walking in to do job testing and interview and being back out with a letter offering a job in about half an hour. Also kind of interesting is that last time I worked there, I was in one of the first classes of the season… starting first week in October. This round, I’m in the last round of classes… somewhat by deliberate planning… meaning I’ll only be on the phones for a little over a month before they start cutting staff down when the last day for shipping for Christmas arrival gets close.

However, it didn’t work as smoothly as I’d hoped, because they changed training from full days to half days. As it happened though, staffing at old job was high enough I was able to do unpaid time off for the afternoons all week.. so I’m driving to the corner edge of town on one side to drop off kiddo, the opposite corner on the other side to morning job, far suburbs on the opposite side for afternoon job, back to first corner, then back home to the central area.

I’m very glad gas prices are low right now. lol

Adding in kiddo having a doctors appointment… and something I want to catch on friday morning… and it’s total scheduling chaos.

But it’s only a week. And as it happens, both the paydays and the dates that time goes in for paydays line up… so it’s not as goofy of a transition as it seems to me right now.

Though it has crossed my mind to keep seeing how long I can get the unpaid time off to cover my other job, and work my old job on the days off from my new job until eventually there’s a conflict… but I’m really not thinking I want to do that to myself!

Anyway… that’s how things are panning out on those fronts. Not exactly the greatest news on either… but it’s going. lol