The shifting begins.

So it’s been about 2 weeks since things got really interesting for the finances for next school year.

And today, while I was on the city website to pay my water bill, I found a job opening.

Full time, third shift. Not very school friendly.

But it’s doing a job that I have done previously for two years in a different town. And.. where I’m currently a city employee currently, that gives me a boost… which along with the previous experience makes at least getting into the interview a pretty safe bet.

$6 an hour more than I make now.. $4 an hour more than I made doing that job previously.

I looked at the page… and just left it there at first.

Then today at work… I got my check from yesterday, and along with it was a couple of extra pieces of paper. One of which explained that there’s going to be a change in scheduling procedure starting June 1.

Basically, the day is now divided into two parts… roughly before lunch and after lunch. You’ll have to work the entire part, and you have to always be available for that part on that day of the week to sign up for it.

For as long as I’m in school, this will effectively block any ability for me to get hours during the weekdays with the exception of one afternoon a week for 4 hours… which would still be competing against anyone else who had that time available.

And so… with a good sized sigh… I applied for the new job.

It’s looking like it might be that time again, as much as I keep praying otherwise.

Sweet snowbreak

We have snow.

Not only do we have snow, we have lots of snow! As in officially 14.2 inches for this area.

And so we have had snow days for the past two days.

I so needed a few days for snow days…. nice days with no classes, nowhere to be, and no notice so that work couldn’t fill in my schedule for me.

Just a wonderful unexpected rest, and a chance to catch up both on schoolwork and on several books I’m supposed to be reading for reviews right now.

Well, and a lot of sledding. lol

Boo got a sled for Christmas… not this year, but the year before that. Seemed like a pretty safe gift at the time.

Since then, we’ve gotten a total of 1/2 an inch once… and even then, it was too cold to be out to even try to make it work.

Everything since then has been less than that, and mostly stuff that melted within a couple hours of the time it fell.

This is definitely not the case this time!

Snow is kind of nice when you have nowhere to go… but even nicer when its the reason you suddenly have nowhere to go. 🙂

Questions and real learning

I’m actually missing one of my classes from last semester.

I wasn’t too sure about the old testament class at first… I actually only took it because I would need it at the catholic college and new testament didn’t fit my class schedule.

And the instructor from the start gave a feel of having a not particularly supernatural interpretation of things.

But, the class ended up being one of my favorite classes, maybe ever.

It skipped the law books, and focused more on the history books and prophets, and included some of the apocrypha… which made it much less intimidating than it could have been.

And the instructor really knew his stuff… actually being on the translation committee for some random translation that I’d never heard of, and google pulls up many many places where he’s cited in various scholarly things. The main copy he was teaching from was in hebrew, not english.

And nobody stumped him…. no matter what they asked, if not the exact verse he at least knew the chapter and what part of the chapter it was found in. But, he stuck really close to the material, point blank admitting places where there wasn’t a clear answer because the text just didn’t give us that information, though usually offering the primary theories that have been offered while clearly stating they were just that.

But what made me so impressed even more than the instructor was the format.

He assigned certain chapters to be read by a particular class period, generally keeping the reading a bit ahead of where discussion was.

And then, on thursdays, we had to turn in three questions from the reading. Any questions at all… not graded on content, just marked as completed or not.

He would collect them as we came in the door, and sit there and read through them before the class started, and then, the entire class period was spend holding that stack of papers and going through and answering each question.

The ones that were connected with the plot of the story he would set into another stack as he worked through them, and tuesday’s class would be more explaining along the plot of whatever we’d read before the thursday before and working the answers to those questions in as they came up.

And then thursday repeated the process.

So the first week or two, the questions were obviously just written to be putting something down to show they’d at least halfway done the reading.

But after everyone figured out that they really mattered and would be answered by someone who really knew what he was talking about… the questions got really good! We were actually learning things we didn’t know or didn’t understand well, instead of just going through the plotline of the wandering through the desert for what for many of us was probably the dozenth time.

And I think it even changed how I was reading, from glossing over random mentions of things as just being some weird old testament ritual or whatever to really wondering what that was all about.

And so I find myself reading sometimes, and wishing I just had this as an ongoing permanent class. I suppose this is supposed to be what bible studies are supposed to be about… but then, I don’t think I’ve ever been in one with someone who was really good with the information we were going over, usually it’s more of a fellow student and we’ll all figure it out together approach.

I’m wishing he taught new testament too… but he doesn’t. I actually suspect he’s probably jewish just from inklings in the class, so maybe that’s a better thing as far as being a wider difference.

But he also had an interesting grading system. More traditional, based on essay tests for all except the 15% that the questions counted for. And sticking closely to the average work earns a c system thats usually stated, but not often practiced.

But how the tests worked was that he would give the questions a week ahead of time, then during the class period before he would review… aka give you the base details of the answers he wanted, pretty much setting the baseline guaranteeing you a c. But then, every little extra detail you added in from the discussion in class or just from reading that hadn’t been mentioned in the review session would give you extra points above the c level.

I was rather proud of the A I got on one of the tests… but also thrilled that he took the time to email me when he graded it to let me know I’d gotten an a rather than my waiting to see when we got the tests back.

The only thing that kept me from a 4.0 on the second semester in a row was a B+ in that class. And I’m totally ok with that.

What to do with a year

So, it looks like most likely I’ll have a year between the classes that just ended and the next classes within the college program.

And I know that usually when God pulls stuff like that it’s for a reason and there is a purpose behind it.

But what exactly that is I’ve yet to find out. What am I supposed to do with this year?

What do you do with a spare year of time to kill when you are broke and have a kid? It’s not exactly feasible to do a gap year thing and go travel or go do missions or something.

Financially… I need to get a job. But, given the previous failures at this.. I can’t say I have much optimism. I actually couldn’t even get hired at a 2 month seasonal position that paid minimum wage watering plants and running cash register at a tent for a greenhouse this summer… though at least I made it through both rounds of interviews to be considered.

I know better than to even mention before hired that I don’t expect it to last beyond a year, but, if it pays well, would I even have the confidence in future jobs to be brave enough to leave? School also involves clinicals after the first semester, so working full time through classes is pretty much completely out.

But then, maybe this is actually a way of this path ending, but putting it into my hands to accept this and follow through with making the choice to close the door. There have been lessons and purposes enough in the past year that I can see where its possible that school has already fulfilled its true reason, even if not fulfilling its “get a job” apparent reason.

They recommend in the letter that I take the chemistry and other theology class required during the year to get them out of the way. But, killing time with classes only sounds nice until you look at the numbers. The student loans through the government have a lifetime limit for the undergraduate level, even if you’ve already paid part of the previous ones off…. and with my previous classes, plus this past year of pre-reqs, plus the anticipated cost of two more years at a private college…. I’m already going to be getting pretty close to the line before it’s all said and done.

So I really don’t know right now.

Why are things like this never obvious and clear to me?

Grades and letters

Grades are in… the 4.0 miracle from last semester would have continued except for a single b+. Which I’m ok with, as the class was graded almost entirely on essay tests, and the teacher is one of those who keeps close to the “c is average work” grading scale.

And the second letter came.

I’m on the wait list for the program.

Which means, if anyone drops between now and the second week of class, they could call me, and I’d have to be ready on short notice.

Remembering that this requires 450 in deposits for both the program and the university confirmation, plus full physical, plus background check, plus the fees for those…. let alone the enrollment process where I haven’t attended there before, and the normal semester stuff… and I can’t say I’m particularly looking forward to the craziness if the call does come late.

However, if I don’t get called, then next year I’m admitted.

Initially I’m not a huge fan of this…. at least with a no I could have moved on with life. As it is, if I do manage to finally get hired somewhere in the meantime, it’s going to be hard to drop a sure income in this economy to go after something which won’t have even a chance of income for another 2 years.

But I guess it is what it is.

Two down, one is late

One of the two letters have arrived.

And the top choice in programs for next year has rejected me.

So that leaves only the program that was my third choice… who was also supposed to send letters this week, but which haven’t arrived yet.

Maybe it’s best I don’t know before finals week if the past year has been for nothing anyway.

I suppose “nothing” is a big word. I know there are some positive growth things that have come of it either way… and I still feel like this is what I was supposed to do, even if it doesn’t end up leading anywhere further after this.

Wish I had more of that same on what plan B is if the result is no though.

Either way… I’ve done what I can do.

Left with me and the trio again. Waiting, Hoping, Praying.

Trying to evict the twins of fear and worry. They never seem to help much.

Can I scream yet?

So, it’s the week before finals.

My laptop cord died last week…. the night before the big interview with one of the two departments for next year… which I remembered an hour before needed a print out of my current grade.

Letters should be arriving this week… as to whether or not I get into the programs for next year, or have to come up with a plan b.

On top of finishing end of semester stuff and getting ready for finals.

And adding in the stress of not having my computer, and getting by with computer lab and my phone.

This is a very long week.

But at least soon I’ll know one way or the other.